Davolto Visuals


Let us visualize your idea and elevate your brand to the next level.

Davolto Visuals is a production company based in Malmö, Sweden. We focus primarily on the production of scripted and/or non-scripted promotional films for sports and outdoor brands. Apart from this, we also have experience in producing a wide variety of content ranging from real estate promotions and commercials to weddings and music videos. If you represent a company in need of professional video branding, you have found the right place.

Partners & Clients

David Östgård

David Östgård is a director, videographer, photographer and editor. He works world-wide and has experience from a wide variety of projects including commercial client productions aswell as personal creative pieces of work. His combined set of skills together with his flexibility as a solo-worker allow him to create projects by himself or take part in a larger team of creatives. His work ranges from productions in the field and sports and outdoor to music videos and promotional films.

Marcus Östgård

Marcus Östgård, brother to David, works part time as a camera operator, loading donkey and assistant on set. He is and has always been the biggest supporter of David. He works full time as a creative adviser and critic to the works of his younger brother. In addition, Marcus is a registered nurse, hobby comedian and a Swede in exile.

Davolto Visuals and a sustainable footprint.

Davolto Visuals strives to be an environmentally conscious and climate-positive company. Growing up as country boys in Scandinavia, we have always had a special love for nature and the outdoors. With that came also an understanding of the importance for sustainable agriculture and forest keeping. Sweden generally does this very well so our aim is to provide assistance in other parts of the globe.

As a small company we can’t change much, but we try to do what we can. And from 2022 and forward we will invest a portion of our profits into planting trees in different parts of the world for reforestation purposes. We will also compensate for any future flights and bigger purchases and their emissions.